Friday, April 20, 2007

The Rebellion Begins

They are getting on in years, they are all overweight, the pet food scare, moving to a foreign country...all reasons I decided to gradually switch the Unholy Trinity to a natural diet of cooked meat, rice and a supplement. Day three now of the food-switcheroo, and at least one of them is beginning to crack.

I've been serving chicken and turkey mixed with a little rice and bit of vitamin supplement. Boo-boo never did take to eating "people food". By that I mean food people eat as I do not feed my cats people, nor do I eat them myself. That would be unhygienic. Last night Boo was less than thrilled about eating chicken/turkey again and this morning he positively balked and tried to cover it up. I wish I could have someone explain to me why a cat would eat the same nasty, boring dry cat food for YEARS and then rebell when he gets three days of yummy chicken and turkey. It's a Boo-boo thing, I know and part of his plot to have me declared insane and take over my vast fortune, but I wish he would cooperate with me sometimes. So he got some crunches for breakfast.

Jazz and Ferdi are just fine with the chicken and turkey. They are not too crazy about the supplement, but they eat it as long as it's on the food. I'm going to get them something else to diversify their meals this week, but I have no illusion that Boo-boo will be happy with that either.

I think I need a merit badge (or is that a martyr badge) for all I do for these three spoiled

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