Monday, April 16, 2007

New Book

Geez, I just almost finished a post when through the miracle of technology, it was wiped out!

As I was saying, I just started Laura Childs' Dragonwell Dead. I love her teashop mysteries, but can't get into her scrapbooking mysteries. Possibly because I'm not into scrapbooking at all.

I also got the newest in the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries by Carrie Bebris. I like this series. It has nothing to do with Pride and Predjudice and in fact combines characters from other Austen novels. The two books I've read were very clever and quite entertaining.

I am also sampling some of the sequels to Pride and Prejudice that have been written since 2004. Probably inspired by the horried movie version of P&P which came out last year or the year before. I waited until it was on cable to watch it and I'm glad I did. It was awful. I don't know how anyone could think they could get that book into a 2hr or so move. The A&E/BBC mini-series will probably always be the P&P that I like. However, I am not above being amused by a sequel or two. One that I started, but put aside so I can finish a couple other books before I leave Hawaii, is by Linda Berdoll. Quite racy it seems, but very promising.

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