Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's talk cats

Yes, I know what some of my friends think: "She's obsessed with her cats." "Good thing Bob married her, because otherwise she'd be over 40 and living alone with cats. And you know that's just one step from the funny farm." Well, I'm here to tell everyone that I'm really not obsessed with my cats. At least it's not what I'D call obsession.

Yes, ok, I do live with three cats I have dubbed the Unholy Trinity. There's a reason for that. Three more manipulative felines you will NEVER find. But it's not my fault. One of the Trinity is Boo-boo an Cream Shaded Oriental Shorthair....yeah, sounds a lot fancier than Boo-boo is. In fact, Boo-boo was not his original name. I nicknamed him that because he is so snotty I wanted to annoy him. It's payback for all the things he does to annoy me. He spends 1/2 his day sleeping and 1/2 thinking about and doing things that annoy me. Like inappropriate scratching, climbing my armoire, and trying to run out the door.

And then there is Ferdi. Ferdi, an almost 11 yr old grey smoke Persian, has the soul of a poet and the brains of a gnat. He is possessive, jealous and totally demanding. He makes up for it by being the sweetest, cutest and most endearing little animal....but only to me. He dislikes people he doesn't know and he dislikes change.

And finally there is Jazmyn. She's a 9 year old brown tabby and she is smarter than all of us.
She's a dainty girl with a ferocious side. She is the pest control officer and the cat who escorts us to the bathroom. She went through a phase were she learned to open the screen door, but she never went outside. She just wanted the boys to go out and quite possibly never come back. And, of course, the boys DID go out, but have always been caught. They never seemed to get it that THEY get in trouble and Jazz doesn't. Finally, I started putting a bell on the floor near the door, so if Jazz opened the door, the bell would fall out and I'd catch them all misbehaving.

That's all the cat-talk for today!

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