Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Waiting is Over

Last night after much agonizing, I decided to put my beloved Persian, Ferdi, to sleep. The vet had two dianogses: lymphoma which is fatal and FIP which is fatal. It didn't matter which one he had, he was not going to survive. I went to the vets office intending to bring him home, but he was such a sick kitty. The vet drained 900cc of fluid from his abdomin, but more fluid would just continue to fill his abdomin. The vet said she never saw anything like it. He lost 2.5lbs of fluid. As I held him in the examining room, I told him he was sick and we couldn't fix him. I told him I loved him more than anything in the world and I could not watch him suffer. I got a feeling of peace from him. He understood and he loved me more than anything in his world. I told him after he passes over, to go find Keegan, my late great tabby cat and wait for me, I'd see him again.

With the support of my wonderful husband and the fantastic vet and vet technician, Ferdi went to Rainbow Bridge to wait for me.

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