Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Agony of Living with Cats

The agony of living with cats, or any other pets, is that they don't live nearly as long as we want them to. When they get older, they get sick and then..... I'm living through that right now with my 10 1/2 yr old Persian. He starting getting sick a few weeks ago. He gained an enormous amount of weight -- like 1/2 lb a week for the last 6 weeks. I took him to the vet's repeatedly. The vet, or should I say the vet I USED to go to, convinced me that he was just overweight. My brain couldn't really comprehend this, but I, STUPIDLY, decided he was the doctor. Last weekend, my cat just didn't want to get up and walk around. Today, he wouldn't get up at all. He would eat if I picked him up and put him at the food dish, same for the water dish. He was using the litterbox, but not doing much in it. So I took him for a second opinion today to a very well respected vet. The vet, a female, took one look at him and I could tell she had something unpleasant to hear on her mind. She said she was concerned that his abdomin was filling with fluid. I asked what that could mean. The answer was three possibilities: heart problem, liver problems or Feline Infectious Peritonitis.
NONE of those things are especially encouraging. The vet said sometimes they can treat the first two, but not the third. And so I sit and wait to hear whether I bring my little guy home or I have to make that decision that no one wants to make....

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